Water Damage Reno NV

The process of repairing and restoring your house begins immediately after water damage occurs. First, turn off the building’s primary power, and the water must get taken out. Taking these steps is necessary to protect those inside the house. Additionally, you will be able to prevent any electrical equipment from getting damaged by water by doing this. 

To prevent water damage to the building, shut off both primary and secondary water valves. In this way, you would help yourself mitigate the damage by cutting the freshwater supply to the already scattered water. 

Emergency response

A restoration company’s emergency response is its most important service. We will send an expert technician to your location to respond as quickly as possible in the least amount of time possible. All year long, we are there for you. However, water damage is more likely during the holidays.


As an expert in assessing the situation, we can assist you with developing the most effective restoration plan to return the premises to be habitable for the occupants once again. The most vulnerable individuals in a water-damage situation are your children and family members. In addition, your insurance company requires an effective water damage restoration plan. We are the right people for the job in case of an insurance claim or water damage to the building. 

Damage mitigation

Once a plan has been devised, it is now ready to be put into action. Our technicians utilize their expertise, modern tools, and scientific methods to mitigate the damages to your property, furniture, and valuables inside your home. We provide care for your precious items based on care and respect. 

Water Extraction

All the water from the house is removed using industrial grace vacuum pumps. Our team will clear out your drains, store all water outside your home, and protect your furniture and property. 


There is more to this cleaning than just a mop and bucket. To protect surfaces and inventory from the damaging effects of contaminated water, we use safe materials in cleaning. 


Restoration is the most technically complex at this stage. First, the surface of the material is dried by dehumidifying and removing all molecules of water. Our modern tools and sophisticated technology allow us to detect the water molecules that have soaked through and are hidden from our eyes, creating swelling, mold, and mildew in the future. These molecules can destroy property. Our heaters remove molecules from behind the surface by taking them out of the air and dehumidifying the entire area. 

Water Damage Repair

Last but not least, the assembled materials and inventory must get placed at their proper locations. With professional tools and knowledge, we repaired and restored the majority of the property. Our goal is to restore the premises to their pre-incident state.