Flood Repair

A severe storm increases the risk of property damage due to the flood risk and water damage caused by heavy rain.  The proper treatment and protection from storm-related flooding require combining several methods.  Unlike flooding caused by a leaky roof or a burst pipe, raw sewage can complicate the remediation process in cases of flood damage.  

To minimize damage to your property and remove floodwater, you should contact a flood damage clean-up specialist immediately after flooding occurs in your home. Flooding can cause catastrophic damage. If your home floods due to a plumbing issue or severe weather, the Water Damage Reno experts will clean it up and reconstruct it.

Which areas in the house are most vulnerable to flooding?

In your home, the basement and crawl space are most susceptible to flooding. Flooding in a basement or crawl space is usually due to water coming from outside the home. Often plumbing leaks and breaks cause flooding.

Finished basements are at the most significant risk for more costly damage from floods, but all basement flooding will damage them. In addition, almost all crawl spaces are difficult to access, so flooding in these areas is more complicated than in other parts of the house. 

A flood can occur in any part of your house if enough water is present. Basement flooding is the most common occurrence in places with no basements.

Different types of flood damage

Different types of flooding are possible in the house, but any part can flood if enough water is available. And are dealt with in various ways. When a leading water bursts causing flooding, this will present a different set of challenges to a situation caused by sewage backing up in a sewer.

Clean water damage

In most cases, the leak comes from a kitchen appliance or a loft water tank. Despite the low risk to human health, standing water can damage the floors, furnishings, and fabric if not dealt with as soon as it occurs. In addition, floodwater can pose a health risk if it is left to stand, interfering with organism development or pollution seeping into it.

Greywater damage

A business or home usually uses this water for washing, cleaning, and non-hazardous process water. In addition to the dirt, grease, cleaners, and human hair may contain some microorganisms and the nutrients they require to survive. Therefore, Those who are exposed to grey floodwater are at moderate risk of developing health complications.

Blackwater damage

Humans are at risk of contracting severe illnesses from the water of this unsanitary quality. Polluted water is water that contains sewage, toxic chemicals, or other contaminants. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, black water must be treated with extreme caution when restoring building fabric after a flood.