Water Damage Washoe County

Water damage emergency specialists in Washoe County have been helping families and businesses recover from water emergencies for decades. But, this is not a Washoe County business article, so the following information will be presented briefly to provide just enough information to help readers separate themselves from other companies that may offer less than professional or even fraudulent service.

Water Damage Restoration Washoe County services are offered 24 hours a day / 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

Call us today at 775-204-7068 as we can best answer any questions you might have about discerning between various companies offering emergency clean-up services in Washoe County. In the meantime, here’s some background information to use as knowledge, but not to be copied verbatim:

What is needed for a water damage restoration company to be able to service the Washoe County area?

At least one fully equipped and operational water removal unit (known as a “water pack”), And at least five additional units with ample personnel must be on call at all times.

Washoe County has many rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water that can become inhabited by both wild and domestic animals: bears, deer, raccoons, and cats/kittens, to name just a few. 

All these creatures can bring in anything from small amounts of mud into the home, all the way up to major landscaping debris that may have escaped from overflowing rivers or flooded fields due to torrential rains.

If you live within 20 miles of Lake Tahoe – the chances of having to remove mud and silt from your home or business go up dramatically.

A typical water removal unit with one operator is capable of collecting 10,000 gallons per hour. Without getting too deep into the technicalities, it should be noted that anywhere from 25% – 50% of collected water needs to be removed by a skilled technician within 24 hours. If not, mold can grow rapidly in as little as 48 hours!

So, think about this for a moment: 20 miles X 60 minutes = 1120 minutes total time needed at location PLUS an additional 480 minutes (2 man-hours) to clean & extract contaminated debris within the first 24 hours after disaster strikes! 

That’s 1720 minutes total time elapsed, which is almost 27 hours! And, that’s just to collect the water without removing it.

There are often more people involved with a major water crisis than this simple explanation allows – which means more time at the location trying to make things right for your home or business. A total of 48 hours is not very many times when you think about what needs to be done to recover from a serious event like this.

Washoe County Emergency Water Extraction & Removal Services: Basement Flooding Specialists

It might sound trivial, but even basement flooding needs attention as soon as possible – so as long as we’re discussing these things, let’s include basement flooding in the list of problems that need immediate attention:

  • Basement flooding Washoe County
  • Excess water from broken plumbing, broken appliances, fire department over-pressure, etc
  • Cesspools overflowing/leaking
  • Municipal sewers backing up into homes & businesses – long after the storm has passed through your area. It is a big one as most homeowners/business owners have no idea this could even happen!

The solution is to call an emergency service specializing in fast response times and removing as much excess water as possible within the first 24 hours or less. 

In many cases, basement flooding can be stopped simply by removing large debris from the drain quickly – but not always. A quality company will send someone out right away to check for clogs and other issues that need attention.