Flood Damage Restoration

Commercial and residential properties alike are devastated by flooding. As part of the flood damage restoration process, there are several issues to consider. First, natural and non-natural floods can risk spreading pathogens, viruses, and germs. 

Floods are difficult to control. Nonetheless, the most effective thing you can do after the damage has occurred is to contact some experts who can assist you in restoring the damaged area. Modern tools and technology can mitigate the damage, and restoration costs will be minimal. 

Water Damage Reno

Reno residents have only one hope when they want experienced technicians who are certified and use the latest technology to take care of their properties. By restoring every salvageable inventory to its former glory. 

The technicians we hire to handle emergency restoration and damage mitigation are known in the community as local heroes. As your service provider, we take pride in everything we do to relieve and restore you from your suffering and earn the trust of the property owners because we treat everything inside the facility with love and care. 

Natural flood

A natural flood is nature’s most destructive phenomenon. Rain or snow from the ice caps can cause water levels in the running water bodies to rise when heavy rain has fallen or the snow has begun to melt on the mountains. 

Excessive amounts of water, when overflowed and reached human property, would cause all infectious materials, viruses, and sand to wreak havoc inside that space. All of the interior furnishings aren’t constructed to resist running water in residential and commercial buildings. When a building is flooded naturally, several items inside will sustain damage. 

We cut the main power supply to the building if our technicians are called to handle natural flood restoration. If the inventory is not disposed of, the yarn of your rugs and carpets will hide the infectious viruses and germs that can make people sick. If flood water has stayed in your home for an extended period, you will also have to replace your drywall and wooden floor. 

Water damage to a facility will also affect inventory and furniture. These situations are handled by our technicians, who are certified and well-trained. The most up-to-date tools, sanitizers, and a host of outstanding performances are at your disposal to restore your property to its former glory. 

Non-natural flood

When the flood is caused inside the facility, the situation is less agonizing. A sanitizer wash and safe chemicals can be used on carpets, rugs, and wooden floors to prevent flooding caused by drinking water. However, our technicians follow the same protocol to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the structure in an actual natural flood.