Flood Repair Office

What Is Flood Damage and Why Does It Happen? 

Flood damage results from a natural disaster when water enters your home or business in large quantities.  While floods are usually caused by heavy rain, they can also be caused by other events such as broken pipes, sewer overflows, and levee breaks. Floods typically happen fast, sometimes in just minutes-and cause extensive property damage to homes and businesses.  

Insurance companies refer to these damages as “flood losses.” The National Weather Service estimates more than 150 flood disasters each year in the United States alone, with an average cost of $1 billion per event. 

 It’s important to know what you’re up against when it comes to potential flood-related damages so you can prepare for them before they happen!

Signs of Flood Damage 

Floods happen when water overtops the land and seeps into buildings. Flooding can also occur in parking lots and on streets, which may be a sign of storm damage. The signs of flood damage include: 

  • wet carpets or floors; 
  • buckling walls; 
  • standing water in basements, crawl spaces, or utility rooms; 
  • peeling paint outside or inside walls near windows or doors.

 How to Prevent a Flood from Happening in Your Home or Business? 

Flooding is a severe and costly problem that can bring your home or business to its knees. It’s essential to take preventive measures, especially if you live in areas where flooding is expected.   

To protect yourself against flooding, there are three things you should do: 

  • Get flood insurance; 
  • Maintain good drainage around your property
  • Know the warning signs of a potential flood so you can quickly act when disaster strikes.  

The following article will help inform people about these proactive steps they can take before it’s too late.

  • The first thing to do is get flood insurance even if your house doesn’t sit in a known high-risk zone. Flood damage isn’t covered under homeowners’ policies, but it’s very cheap to add flood insurance to your policy. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you live in an area that has flooded before 
  • The following precaution you should take is to ensure no cracks or holes in your basement or foundation, which can let water seep into your house and cause damage. You should also make sure the grading around the outside of your property slopes away from the building, so water flows toward landscaping rather than toward other parts of the house.
  • Finally, please make sure everyone who lives at home knows how they will get out of their homes in an emergency, such as a flash flood. It includes people with disabilities and special needs, children, and pets too!

Why Choose Us as Your Flood Repair Service Provider?

Choose us as your flood repair service provider because we are one of the few companies able to provide multiple services besides flood damage restoration. 

We can help you get rid of smoke odor and remove nicotine stains caused by smoking. We also specialize in sewage clean-up and grease trap cleaning. 

Our technicians can give you a full scrub down and air duct cleaning if needed. All these services combined will give you time to focus on what matters: rebuilding and recovering from water damage fast!